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New YA Books resource

If you love YA, you’ll love this service. First in Line offers members “the novelty of having the next big book all to yourself and the reward of being a literary trendsetter.”

You know this is for you if you like to be the first to recommend a cool book that gets into the zeitgeist. For example, as the website explains:


  • You were reading The Hunger Games before volunteering as tribute was cool. (Totally)
  • You were feeling the feels from The Fault in Our Stars before it was TFIOS. Okay? Okay. (“I fell in love the way you fall asleep. Slowly and then all at once.”)
  • You knew your faction while other people were being sorted into their houses. (Toss-up between Erudite and Candor.)

So sign on and be the first. I can’t wait for the July pick to arrive: The Fever Code by James Dashner, author of The Maze Runner series.