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James Dashner, M.J. Beaufrand, Zombies, and Punching Men ;)

5128kif-1cl-_sx326_bo1204203200_ The last installment of James Dashner’s series The Mortality Doctrine has arrived: “The Game of Lives.” Read a review here.

9781419721380  M. J. Beaufrand’s “Useless Bay” is a tense mystery that includes quintuplets, Washington Bay, and severed body parts. *shudder* Read a review here.

zombies-vs-unicorns-cover “Zombies vs. Unicorns” by Justine Larbalestier and Holly Black is a hilarious take on which fantasy being is the more awesome of the two. According to the BBC review, “whether you are a fan of relentless shambling or rainbow flatulence, you won’t be disappointed.” Read a review here.

Image result for 9781421585284,204,203,200_.jpgFinally, we play catch-up with one of our most popular manga series: One-Punch Man, having just acquired volume #s 7, 8, and 9.


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NEW July Manga

We now have the popular series “Fruits Basket”! Come check out the first of three collector’s editions.

We’ve also received the novelizations of “The Devil is a Part-Timer” by Satoshi Wagahara. These are text versions of the popular manga series of the same name.

July Manga


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More books….

It doesn’t end. They just keep coming.

Isn’t it great?

Books are alpha by author. Click on the title to access the record in our catalog.

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They Just Keep Comin’…More New Books!

It’s summer reading season, what I’ve always referred to fondly as the Public Library Christmas Season. It’s busy, we’re receiving lots of new books, checking out lots of materials, and working hard to keep our displays and shelves up-to-date and in order. Fun!!

Below is a hodge-podge list of all our newest YA acquisitions. Books are listed alphabetically by author. Click on the title to view the book in our catalog and to check for availability.


The Agency [series] / Y. S. Lee:

  1. A spy in the house
  2. The body at the tower
  3. The traitor in the tunnel
  4. Rivals in the city



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Latest in Manga

Below are the volume numbers for the latest in Manga titles, alphabetical by title. Click on any title to access the record in our catalog.

Manga 6-16