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Program Spotlight: Teen Takeover @ Your Library

New year, new programs! In 2018, the teen services department will be adding new regular programming for anyone in 6th grade to 12th grade, as well as continuing the programs that our teens have enjoyed over the past year. As we count down to the New Year, we’ll be highlighting these new programs with our Program Spotlight.

Today, we talk about our last recurring program for 2018, and it’s a returning favorite: Teen Takeover @ Your Library.

Teen Takeover @ Your Library

What is it?

Teen Takeover @ Your Library (or TT@YL) is a chance for you to just relax. We set aside the Community Room just for you, put out some snacks, and give you the chance to hang out with your friends. You can share your favorite music and videos with our large screen projector hooked up to YouTube. There’s a small selection of board games available. You’re free to bring whatever else you’d like to spend your time with, as long as it’s both legal and indoors appropriate. How you use the space is up to you.

What’s the point?

Every library should have space for its teen patrons, and we’re no exception. While there is a designated teen area, containing books and other materials that are intended for your age group, it doesn’t really have any space to help you feel like you belong—there’s no comfy seating, work space, or even a wall for a modicum of privacy. So, until such a time as we get that space on a permanent basis, this is our compromise: you get the Community Room to do with as you please for over two hours.

Are there rules?

Just a couple. For starters, no hate speech. This space is for teens of all genders, races, and sexual orientations. Also, no fights and no fires. Otherwise, you do you: set up a YouTube marathon, organize an impromptu LAN party, get some homework done, sit and chat with other teens, contemplate the meaning of the universe, or anything else you decide to do.

When do they meet?

TT@YL meets every Wednesday starting around 2 PM. As usual, if there’s no school in Hudson, there’s no meeting.

Tell me that’s not everything.

We’ve already talked about four other regular teen programs: Tabletoppers, Fanfiction Club, Button Mashers, and the Teen Advisory Group. Along with TT@YL, that’s five regular programs coming to the library. But no, that’s not everything 2018 has to offer. The library will have plenty of one-time programs and events as well throughout the late winter and spring, and once we start getting some of your feedback, we can add even more.

In the meantime, be sure to swing by the library and pick up a calendar of programs for January to March, say hi to James, and get excited for the New Year!



RML's teen services librarian since October 2017.

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