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Program Spotlight: Button Mashers

New year, new programs! In 2018, the teen services department will be adding new regular programming for anyone in 6th grade to 12th grade, as well as continuing the programs that our teens have enjoyed over the past year. As we count down to the New Year, we’ll be highlighting these new programs with our Program Spotlight.

First up, we have a returning program: Button Mashers.

Button Mashers

What is it?

Button Mashers is a program for all the video gaming teens in the town of Hudson. The library has a WiiU, which is used for group gaming—up to four players at a time on New Super Mario Bros. and up to eight on Super Smash Bros. We also welcome anyone who’s bringing their own gaming in the form of portable devices, from Nintendo 3DSes and Switches to laptops and mobile games on your iPhone.

Do I have to play?

Nope! If you just want to spectate, that’s fine too.

When do they meet?

The Button Mashers meet every Thursday afternoon, starting at around 2:15 PM. The first meeting of the New Year will be on January 4th. However, like all our teen programs, it doesn’t meet if there’s no school that day in Hudson, like on a snow day or during a vacation.

What if I don’t like video games?

Then this isn’t the program for you, but never fear! We have more programs lined up for 2018, and we’ll be talking about them all this week. Tune in tomorrow to learn about another gaming program, one that takes the gaming off the screen and puts it on the table.

There are also teen services calendars available at the Rodgers Memorial Library that show our schedule of programs from January to June. It includes both our regular programs as well as special one-time events. Be sure to pick one up the next time you’re visiting!


RML's teen services librarian since October 2017.

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